It has been too long, you're right.

I have had little interest in blogging since I returned to the US in December. While some interesting new details have come up in my life and experiences, they just weren't blog worthy. Of course, by that standard, most of my time in Egypt wasn't blog worthy either, but I digress.

I have realized that the technical skills I've picked up along the way should help me with something, and have decided to spend much of my time at the office learning Dreamweaver.* I have a website that is somehow linked to this blog (at least now). Right now, its awful. As is the site I created for DEN-L last summer. I'm a bit ashamed of that, it was a fairly simple task that I have yet to complete for an organization that I hold in the utmost respect.

This shout into the void is searching for ideas, web design tips, "marketing yourself" BS, and the rest.

I know a little to reflective for this blog, given the observational nature of so many of the posts. Luckily, I'm not a formalist by any means and thus it means very little to me that my blog doesn't have a defined theme.

*a legitimate pursuit since faculty, who I am born to serve, may need my assistance with Dreamweaver, were I ever good enough to assist them.