Walking into a brothel.

Sparks asked me what my most awkward experience in Egypt was thus far and I had to think of something to share with the world.

What happened was:
In the usual ex-pat style, we all met up for sheesha near my place, had coffee, tea, etc, and then decided that what we really wanted was felfela, which serves ful and falafal for really good prices. There were four Americans and one Brit. We got our food, ate standing at little tables in felfela, and start walking back towards our place when we hear raucous music coming from a bar with a red door. The sign above the door said Carol restuarant. As we walked by a man slipped in the door and we saw what must have been a good time.

Collectively, we paused. Let's see.

Rafiki and I took the first steps. We were greeted upon entrance by a man at the bar, leering with a big smile on his face, a man singing some sort of karaoke, a woman dancing, and another man clapping. That was it, but it seemed extraordinarily crowded. The room was smokey and the lighting was all red. It was a shot gun of tables with dancing space at the back and the bar at the front. Ramadan had never entered this place. The woman dancing immediately grabbed Rafiki to encourage him to dance. He declined and upon exchanging glances we all backed out of the bar with little grace. I immediately assumed brothel because:

a. I like to think the worst of situations
b. The lights were red
c. there was dancing and drinking going on during Ramadan, performed by Egyptians (not ex pats).
d. Women never grab men here

I have since asked my broker friends who have told me that yes, that place is for prostitution. And may have had some prior experience there as they also implied that they would really take your money if you go there.

So not entirely relevant to Egyptian culture, but most definitely awkward experience thus far.