That was fast.

I'm off to Cairo tonight. Leaving here around 2 or 3pm, won't arrive at the Cairo airport until tomorrow at 6pm. And once I get there I have to maneuver my way to Talat Harb Square where I meet a blond white man who will direct me to my new residence. I also have to pay him 6000EP. Ew. No one said it would be easy. Or cheap.

I'm a lot more hesitant about traveling to Egypt. I knew that I would have a compound full of people in Liberia. In Egypt I have two American roommates and a city that may or may not be friendly to me. Cities are often unfriendly, after all. Particularly when you don't understand them, speak the language, or even know what to wear.

I want to wear a hijab. I think they're cool. And they give me hair accessories without having to style my hair. Which I don't like to do. But I'm nervous about wearing something that I don't fully understand. I don't fully understand the religious context, though I have a pretty good idea, and I don't fully understand the mechanics. Like, where do I put this clip, anyway?