Eddoes – a wide leaf that is eaten in Ghana, the root is eaten in Liberia
Palava sauce
Cabbage and palm cabbage
Tomatoes – “bulbs”=cherry tomatoes
Potato leaf – they eat the leaf here! Didn’t know you could do that…
Fever leaf – semi-bitter, used to release bowls (the liquid that comes out of it being mashed) and break a fever
Cassava – eat the leaf and the root, this plant is life
Bitter balls – look like peas but taste disgusting
Water greens
Yam – bush yam, wild yam (which is sweet)
Hot pepper (soup)
Spice pepper – sweet scent, black
Medigeta pepper
Plantain and banana trees look the same! (I’m from Ohio, ok, I don’t know these things)
Papaya is called pawpaw
Sousa fruit is that green fruit with white flesh
Topasoyea is pepper soup without oil
Greens is soup with oil
Sugar cane
Palm oil – mash palm seeds to make oil
Palm butter – cook palm seeds and mash into cream (a natural “anti-constipation”)
Kanel oil – used like castor oil (medicinal as well)
Sowa sowa soup is the specialty in Lofa but I don’t think I’ve eaten it yet.
Kola nut – traditional welcoming nut, shared with guests, don’t refuse, tastes kind of bad (kind of like tobacco would taste were I ever inclined to chew it), appetite suppressant. Addictive-ish.