I was reading my old blog, Swakdays, or more accurately, PeePee, Uzi, Spinewolf and my blog. That was a good time. I'm sad that we stopped that, but it was mostly just rambles.

Similar to this.

Only this will eventually have a topic.

As for the process on the first adventure, I've unpacked and repacked so many times that I know I'm going to forget something. I already lost my toothbrush and bought a new one. And I'm crashing on a quite comfortable couch in a quite comfortable house. Well, it's comfortable because of the people, the house itself is...There's a lot of loose wiring, the carpet is literally nailed down with nails just high enough to bust through soft skin on a foot, the house was full of random crap that may or may not have belonged to the landlord at one time. And I believe there are mites living in the carpet, as my feet have become splotched with tiny bites.

All in all, it's an improvement. Too bad I'm only going to be there a week.

Sunday I fly out...the rest of the week looks like a hectic bunch of visits and organizing bags and then my parents arriving to drive me to the airport (long story) and then a looooong flight.