Let me list, as I like lists, the new things I am now familiar with:
1. I know how to tie a lappa (just a traditional wrap, worn by women, turns out
its not as complicated as I imagined)
2. I can understand Liberian English 85% of the time, excluding rapid fire
casual conversation
3. I no longer smoke (well...I don't have any cigarettes and am not going to buy
any but...on the rare chance that someone has one, like an Irish development
worker for instance, I'll go out and have one)
4. I have a new found love of stout
5. I no longer cringe at compliments, just thank the complimentor and change the
6. I am intrigued by bad smells, more so then before arrival (mostly due to the
heat and massive amounts of BO, also because we don’t flush toilet paper so that
piles up in a stinky sticky mess in a plastic tub in each bathroom)
7. I’ve grown accustom to small children calling me a white woman (though it
still makes me smile)
8. I have a growing appreciation for hand washing my clothes
9. I still hate beef, but will eat a bit when it’s my only option
10. I have certain cultural biases that may never go away (like the proper way
to treat a puppy, I may not correct those who take a swing at a dog but I will
always cringe)
11. I had forgotten how to interview, I remember now
12. I've discovered that picking bones out of my food is frustrating and ruins
my appetite
So I'll make another list when leaving and see what's different.