Dancing "like a westerner" at Serengetti, a club in Gbarnga. Wasn’t too impressed with music or dancing last night, though I had a good time. It seems that Liberian women don’t move much when they dance, and I flail all over the place, especially when there’s room on the dance floor. Also, they (everybody, not just the women) dance in front of a mirror, not with other people. They just dance there, staring at themselves. I found this very disconcerting and didn’t look at the mirror. I have a problem being a participant observer in situations like that. As an anthropologist, I should have engaged in the practice I saw, and as a chameleon, I should have tried to blend in. Instead, I danced my western dance and had a great time. See pictures below:

I like this one because our heads are cut off...

Shot of Eme relaxing after dancing.
The non western dance...

My western dance, notice the hands are not in fists and as usual, I don't know what to do with them on the dance floor.

Group shot. I'm going to be honest, none of these pictures are very flattering for me personally but I think they're funny.

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