A real post.

I'm working on establishing a website and this blog. I'm working on these things because I need to assist with DEN-L's attempts to establish their own website.

DEN-L is the organization I will be working for this summer. It's alphabet soup for Development Education Network of Liberia.

And no, I have know real idea what I'll be working on with them.

The set backs, alluded to in the title, are actually pretty superficial and the more meaningful setbacks are not mine. It's disappointing, I think, how much goes wrong in life.

To be honest, the website I'm working on...sucks, for lack of a better term. You can link to it on the top of the page somewhere (still figuring out the kinks here). And instead of a large "Welcome-to-the-21st-century" I find web work confusing, full of jargon that should not by all logic mean anything, and frustratingly tedious.

But I never like anything that's hard.

We'll see how that goes this summer...and throughout this crazy path.

Still waiting to hear back from American University in Cairo.

Signing out, Interweb.